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Vegan Friendly

•Beans: No cheese


•Tortillas: Corn, Flour,  and chips

•French Fries

•Chilaquiles (red or green): No rice, cheese, and sour cream

•Vegetarian Burrito: No rice, cheese, and sour cream

•Veggie Taco: No rice, cheese, or sour cream

•Bean Tostada: No cheese

•Bean Nachos: No cheese. No sour cream

•Torta: Only beans, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and onion. No mayo. Optional: Add grilled bell pepper and onions

•Potato Rancheros: Like the "Bistec Ranchero" Substitute the meat for potatoes. No rice and cheese.

*Cooked in butter. The butter we use is vegan friendly! :)

Salsas: Mild and Hot Red

Drinks: All expect Horchata